MLK Day Training Session - Monday 21st January

MLK Elite Soccer Clinic

9am to 12pm @ 820 Steinbeck Dr.

Steinbeck 0 Malley Turf Field.



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Elite Development camp for players looking to learn to train their skills in a high intensity setting.

9am to 12pm

February 18th to 21st. (Monday to Thursday)

820 Steinbeck Dr.

O Malley Turf Fields.

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Why Choose an EST camp?

EST camps are meticulously planned by Coach Mark Christie. The soccer training is intense, focused and designed to progress players in layers.

The player must learn the fundamentals and then progress into more complex, pressured situations with repetition to boost the brain's myelin, allowing the player to respond through instinct rather than thought. Shaving milliseconds from decision making is often times the difference between the player who makes the team and the players who are sent home.

EST uses a unique six pillar program to develop players in all aspects.

Our holistic approach comes from years of playing, coaching and studying modern trends. We blend the history and innovation.

Technical - We believe in giving players the tools needed to thrive in any situation. We also refer to this part as ‘Me and the ball’. We want to educate and inspire players to work on their own to become comfortable with the ball.

Individual Tactical - We want to help players understand the bigger picture but help them become masters in small chunks of the game. With carefully selected drills to improve awareness, decision making and reflection we can help players know When, where and why to use the skills they have mastered. We are the masters of replicating game realistic and game speed situations.

Team Tactical - We are constantly looking to keep our players up to date with the latest team tactical trends. We have the perfect balance of understanding and appreciating Individuals and educating them on various strategies, group and team tactics. We want players to have a deep understanding of the game and constantly challenge players with complex match analysis tasks and advanced thinking.

Physical - We are obsessed with helping players become the fastest, strongest and most powerful version they can be. We incorporate short term and long term physical development in various key aspects of Physiology, Sports Science and Injury Prevention.

Mental - In every practice we challenge players to think. We classify mental skills as thoughts and decisions made internally. This could be a player’s decision to focus and concentrate. This could be a players decision to prepare, work hard and manage his time. We actively develop mental attributes in every session.

Social - We use the phrase social skills to describe how the players communicates with family, coaches, teachers and teammates. We actively teach life skills through soccer training. This can be verbal and non verbal.