USDA Only - Personal Development Camp (Ski Week)

USDA Only - Personal Development Camp (Ski Week)


This camp is designed for USDA players aiming to take control over their future and learn how to train on your own like a pro.

  • USDA Players could do the morning camp 9 to 12 then have lunch and then do this extra camp.

  • You must be playing in the USDA Academy System. 08 / 07 / 06 / 05 / 04 / 03

    For 2009’s to be considered they must apply at

820 Steinbeck Dr

Turf Field nearest the street.

February 18th to 21st.

12.30 to 1.30pm. This camp will High Quality and start to teach players how to improve in their own time by mastering time management and understanding how the body and brain work.

Day 1 - Match Speed Combination Play and Finishing

Day 2 - Co-ordination Injury Prevention, Brain Speed and how to improve running mechanics

Day 3 - How to improve first touch, control from the air, passing, dribbling and 1v1 skills

Day 4 - Position Specific Training

Each player will be given a Time Management / Self Development task to work on after the camp.

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